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NavTac: Coronel & Falklands is now available to order.  This is a Great War naval miniatures wargame, with individually rated warships and several historical scenarios. Click on the book cover to the left and check out the NavTac page, which has full details and list of what countries -- and which ships -- are included.

For a taste of NavTac, click on the pdf icon (below) and you can view several sample pages and get a feel for the game.

NavTac: Coronel & Falklands is a book available for purchase online via Amazon.  It is a handsome 66 page, black & white, illustrated 8.5" x 5.5" format book that contains standard, optional and advanced rules, game tables, several scenarios, historical notes, and 66 facsimile warship counters rendered at 1/3000 scale within its pages, that may be scanned and printed. 

  NavTac Ship Counter Set A (all 66 ships from NavTac: Coronel & Falklands)
  All the warships at 1/3000 scale, which must be mounted and cut prior to use.
  Check out the NavTac page for more information and list of ships.
Battle over Britain, 2nd Ed. is now available to order.  This is a two-player (and solitaire) card game depicting the RAF vs the Luftwaffe at the Battle of Britain, 1940.  It is a strategy game when each player flies a single, historically rated fighter in single or campaign game settings.

Click on the components to the left to link up with the Battle over Britain page and learn more.  You can also click on the pdf icon (below left) to see several pages of the new edition.  Even if you have the 1st ed., you will appreciate the new planes, new rules, and new color format of the 2nd ed.

The game system is unchanged, but new planes, new optional rules, and an illustrated, full-color 40 page rule book make up the new package.

If you order direct from Minden, you will receive physical components (Dogfight Display, Reference Card, counter sheet (32 planes).  (These are not included if you order directly from Amazon; the components are included in the pages of the book, and can be scanned and printed out if you do not have the physical components.) 

Take advantage of the combo specials on this page, and save.  
Spitfire I
Hurricane I

Add'l planes included
Spitfire V
Hurricane II
Blenheim IV

Extra Set 1
P-36 Hawk (US)
Catalina (US)
MiG-1 (USSR)

Catalina (USA)
Mitchell (USA)

Extra Set 2
Blackburn Roc
MB-151 (French)
MiG-3 (USSR)
CW-21B (Dutch)
​BR-20 (Ital)
G-50bis (Ital)
Ki-27a (Japan)


Add'l planes included

Extra Set 1
Z-1007bis (Ital)
Fokker D.XXI (Finn)

Sally (Japan)
Kate (Japan)
Val (Japan)
Nell (Japan)
Dornier Do-17
BR-20 (Ital)
Z-1007bix (Ital)
SM-79 (Ital)
SM-82 (Ital)

​... plus all planes
included in Battle over
Britain 2nd Ed.
Plane types included in Battle over Britain, 2nd ed.
BOMBER COMMAND  (module for Battle over Britain series)

This module contains NO GAME RULES, just components.  It adds a 32-plane counter sheet, along with standard Battle over Britain game components (Dogfight Display, Reference Card, Battle over Britain 2nd ed. 32-plane counter sheet), so that's 64 counters overall, and some instructions for the use of bombers. Bomber Command is ideal for (1) BoB series fans who want to add multi-crew bombers to the system; (2) Amazon purchasers who want physical game components; (3) gamers who have BoB 1st ed., and just want the new planes, but no new rules.

Purchasers of Bomber Command may receive, free upon request, Extra Plane Counter Set 2 (adding eight allied & axis planes), while supplies last.

This module will please fans of the game series, with the addition of many more plane types. Gamers who enjoy the Battle over Britain series will no doubt enjoy what this module provides!

Plane types included in Bomber Command
 We are happy to announce these special Combo offers, below.  You can click on the various links on this page to learn more about the games.  You may order now via Paypal.      

(Purchasers outside N.America, please note the drop-down box when ordering.  With postage charges climbing, we charge extra for delivery outside N.America, to insure delivery via airmail.  You may also order the rule books from Amazon and save postage.)


British & European Customers

Battle over Britain 2nd and NavTac: Coronel & Falklands will be available via Amazon.co.uk, in book format.  Both books contain complete games, though you will need to scan and print your own components.  The advantage is you may pay for these with pounds or euros, and save money from increasingly high international postage charges.

You may still prefer to order directly from Minden... or you may decide the Amazon route is right for you. The choice is yours. Either way, Minden will bring history to your tabletop and allow you to have wargaming fun, with designs that stress playability and authenticity.

Check out the Amazon page for other titles available.

North American Customers

You too have the option to order Minden books via Amazon.com.  Same conditions apply as described for European customers, except you will pay in US$, and deal directly with Amazon from start to finish.

If you wish to have physical components provided, you should continue to order directly from Minden Games.
NavTac: Coronel & Falklands
Combat Leader: Poland 1939 is the newest release in the Combat Leader game series, covering the Polish campaign on September, 1939, with German and Polish troops.

The game comes with two maps (#9 and #10, rural and suburban terrain), two counter sheets (J & K, which must be cut apart), two identical Reference Cards, and a 24-page rules booklet.  The rules contain all the standard, advanced, and optional rules for the system, along with five scenarios.  This game sees the entry of the Poles into the system, and special rules cover the use of the 18-man Polish squad, with their characteristic weaponry (Kb wz.98a rifles, Browning wz. 1928 BAR LMG, etc.) and organization. The German SS also are introduced into the system (a full SS squad is included), with special rules governing their use on the battlefield. Overall, three German squads, two Polish squads--plus plenty of extra men to create different formations--are included.

The core rules have been expanded to include several options originally appearing in the Combat Leader: Expansion Module.  These rules are now  considered standard, and there is no need to buy that module.

Combat Leader: Poland is a complete, stand alone game. The core rules of the game system remain the same, plus additional optional rules have been included. So, Combat Leader: Poland 1939 provides you with not only a new nationality and the SS, but the most up-to-date edition of the series.  It is compatible with all other Combat Leader games.

If you are a fan of the Combat Leader game system, we are confident you will really enjoy what this new game has to offer!

Combat Leader: Winter War focuses on the Finnish-Soviet Winter War of 1939-40. Although this is not a new release, we are offering this edition for the first time.  It comes with two maps (#7 & #8), two counter sheets (G & H) featuring Finnish and Russian squads, a Reference Card, and 16-page rules booklet.

Special rules cover Snow, winterized troops, and the Finns, who have special rules to cover their characteristic sturdy, self-sufficient fighting spirit.  The game includes four scenarios, and, like other games in the series, is fully compatible with other Combat Leader games.

Combat Leader: Winter War was originally published in Panzer Digest #13 (which is now out of print). If you do not already own this game, now is an excellent opportunity to add it to your collection, via the special offers noted above left, and below. 

Scroll down for more special Combo offers that include 
This page updated January 25, 2018
Tally Ho!  is volume 5 in the Battle over Britain game series, covering North Africa, 1940-41. In addition, it contains warplanes and six other campaign games featuring Italy, Britain, Germany, the USA, Japan, AVG China, Poland, and the Netherlands from 1939-1942... 119 warplanes in all. It also provides six new "stand alone" scenarios (a first for the game series), and guidelines/special formula for rating the value of warplanes yourself.  

The game system is identical to and compatible with Battle over Britain. This 52-page full color, illustrated book includes standard rules, advanced rules, solitaire rules, and historical scenarios. All the aircraft and campaign games include those originally contained in Battle over the Pacific (Vol. 2), Faith, Hope & Charity (Vol. 3), and Flying Tigers (Vol. 4). (See descriptions on the Battle over Britain page.) This edition is a handsome volume and comes with new North African and Additional Plane counters, featuring aircraft new to the system, plus others such as the RAF Battle and Hudson, the Italian C-32 and SM-82, American P-38 Lightning, Australian Boomerang, and German Storch and Ju-52 Tante Ju. Also included is a "points system" for rating planes (or design-your-own scenarios), and new stand-alone game scenarios. If you are new to the system, buying Tally Ho! means you have vol. 2, 3, 4,& 5 all in a single book. 
Tally Ho! components
Tally Ho!

Battle of 
Dogger Bank
Battle of Dogger Bank is Minden's World War I tactical naval combat game, using 1/3000 scale ships, and the classic NavTac game system.  This Battlegame book is fully compatible with NavTac: Coronel & Falklands, also available.

The 84-page fully illustrated book contains the standard, optional, and advanced rules of the system, along with 54 scale facsimile counters in its pages, along with several scenarios, including the Battle of Dogger Bank (1915), data cards for all the ships included, and ratings for each ship (main gun size and range, secondary guns size and range, armor, speed, turrets bearing, damage levels, etc.).

The game focuses on the rise of the battlecruiser in the British and German fleets, and contains warships of the battleship (BB), battlecruiser (BC), pre-dreadnought battleship (B), armored cruiser (AC), and light cruiser (CL) types.

The game is particularly suited for those new to miniature gaming, with special introductory rules provided to help you get your feet wet.  For more information--including what specific ships are included--you can visit the NavTac page.
Tally Ho!
Battle of Dogger Bank